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Be your sunshine

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Uncertainty. It is not easy to be here. Not knowing what to do next, where to go is not always a pleasant feeling.

It makes you question the choices you have made and the ones you are making right now. At one point, it might feel too much.

There is fear, which has become significant enough that it has hugged you so tight that you want to leave it, but it doesn't want to leave you. Thoughts have overpowered action.

The going might seem tougher now because now mind is also attracting all the more reasons now.

You are still in the unknown. Confused, shattered, sad. Feel it. Let it take you.

But also, know that that you have come this far. You need to remind yourself that you being kind to yourself is more important now than before. And all this might not come easy to you, but it is needed and needs practice. Because it is important that you take care of yourself and be kind. Like I say being your sunshine, in days of dark clouds.

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